Save Energy, Reduce Noise

Insulated glass consists of two glass panes separated by “Air Gap”, which is filled with argon gas. The purpose of this glass is to reduce heat and noise from outside. The perimeter of the glass is sealed, allowing no outside air to penetrate through the window. Using insulated glass on windows or doors allows sunlight to come through your accommodation while, heat is reduced. Thus, it can help decrease energy consumption.


-High safety as PVB interlayer will hold glass pieces when shattered
-Eco friendly as PVB interlayer impedes the transmission of solar heat
-Create esthetic sense to buildings when using color PVB film
-Reduce noise from outside
-UV protection as the interlayer filters UV radiation which can cause damage to furniture’s and curtains’ colors.


- Capable of preventing heat from outside & Reduce noise from outside, making the residence more private and pleasant
- Effectively reduce energy consumption
- Prevent water vapor on the glass surface even if the temperature between inside and outside is much different


Maximum size: 2,100 x 3,000 mm.