Acoustic Glass

Prevent Noise from Outside

Acoustic glass provides excellent noise control that helps create quiet and peaceful space without increasing weight and thickness of the glass. By using special interlayer film, noise is reduced when coming through the windows. Hence, it creates a comfortable environment with no noise pollution.


Silence: Acoustic Glass is capable to reduce audio frequency ranges between 1000 and 4000 Hz. Six millimeters acoustic glass can reduce noise up to STC (Sound Transmission Class) Level 36 which is equivalent to insulated glass with 24mm thick. Moreover, Acoustic Glass also have 5 levels of STC more than laminated safety glass, which helps reduce unwanted noise. Save: With a thickness starting at just 6.76mm, Acoustic glass can be installed without changing the structure of your existing door or window frames. Safety & Security: As it is consisted of two layers of glass that are attached by PVB interlayer, glass pieces tend to adhere to the interlayer film when broken. Besides, it can be used as safety glass due to its strength. UV Protection: The interlayer film filters up to 99% of UV radiation; therefore, Acoustic Glass can prevent color fading problem of furniture and decorations


Skyscrapers with wind noise problem,office buildings, living rooms located in public areas,recording studios, music rooms, home theater rooms or karaoke rooms,conference rooms, seminar rooms, libraries or space that requires privacy.


Thickness: 6-60 mm.
Maximum size: 2,400 x 4,500 mm.
Minimum size: 100 x 100 mm.