Highest Quality UV Printing that Ever Happen on Glass

When innovation meets art, high-def resolution 2160 dpi UV printing technology from Europe, provides imposing laminated safety glass panel, you can allocate and decorate space with unique images and patterns by “Swiss Print”


-Using unique technology of fading resistant printing systems.
-Resistant to heat and sunlight, making it long-lasting design.
-Create beautiful & unique buildings by printing patterns,graphic designs or pictures on the glass surface.
-Can be used both externally and internally.
-Can be applied to green glass for environmental protection


Can be used in multiple tasks such as staircase, balustrade, skylights, building floor, swimming pool walls and aquariums. Besides, it can be molded in different shapes and sizes while maintaining its safety feature when broken


Thickness: 6-30 mm.
Maximum size: 1,590 x 3,200 mm.
Minimum size: 200 x 200 mm.