Defogger Mirror

Always Smooth & Clear Reflection

Mirror defogger is the mirror that eliminates the fog on the surface due to the humidity and heat in the bathroom automatically during the using.The electric energy will be transferred to the heat that could rise the mirror temperature warmer than the surrounded humidity fog.The heated mirror will erase the annoying fog on the mirror to approach the clearance surface.


The Mirror defogger electric wire is able to be connected with the same power source of the bathroom lighting switch to turn on the using of them at the same time.


The Mirror Defogger could be installed on any dried and smoothed surfaces as wooden wall, marble wall panels, tile panels and others by using of clipped mirror or sealing with the silicone. The 2 mm gap between the wall and Mirror defogger should be provided for installing of the heater behind the mirror by do not allowed anysilicone to attach with.


Temperature rising rate : 10 - 20 °C
Power Supply : 220 VAC / 50 Hz
Input Power : ≤ 2.5 Watt /dm2

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