Solution & Service We strive to develop and differentiate a glass design simultaneously with the giving useful advice from expert because BSG GLASS is your glass partner.

SolutionBecause building in big cities are dwindled, glass qualifications making a narrow space look wider and airy turn into a better choice for real estate developers. Since these become the solution for architectures, traditional glass designs bring platitude. We are proud to design an outstanding glass with uniqueness and proper to interior and exterior designs.
ServiceBefore and after services are important, then we strive to fulfil user experience with impression and offer creative ways to solve usability problems by experienced service team.

Our Work Procedure

We please to give any advice in choice of products and installation process to serve customer satisfaction.

Design & Solution
Design an outstanding and unique work pieces with various types of glass product, along with the suggestion of product safety and strength calculation of products by engineering standard.

Making proper plans to serve customer satisfaction, including control the manufacturing and installing process.

Serving glass installation service by professional service team in line with international standard.


Our Solution

• Noise Reduction Solutions
Noise reduction is one of the main factors that customers are looking for. Accordingly, BSG GLASS is proud to present “Acoustic Glass”, which was designed for noise reduction, including noise pollution measuring service to build customer confidence.

• Energy Saving Solutions
Doing to conserve energy by using “Energy Saving Glass”, which were installed, tested and provided some advice by an expert. Therefore, certainly assure its make your houses cooler beneath a budget-conscious.

• Life Safety Solutions
Increasing confidence living with “Attack & Bullet Resistant Glass” comes along with high standard of design and installation services.

• Privacy Solutions
Building a privacy with “Gauzy Smart Glass”, which was designed to adjust the transparency as you prefer (from level 1 to 100) beneath the smart area management concept and comes along with patented electrical surge protection system to convince that you will always be safe in using the product.

• Functional Glass Solutions
Because quality of product and service are the key factors, every single piece of our glass need to comes along with an expert, who willing to give any proper advice in design and installation beneath a budget-conscious.
» Glass Balustrade & Floor
» Glass Skylight & Canopy
» Glass Partition, Door, Window

• Decoration Glass Solution
Making an outstanding and unique architectural design with our glass that comes along with various techniques to create new beautiful design ever.
» Color Glass
» Fabric Glass
» Curved Glass

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