Tempered glass is five times stronger than annealed Glass

The process of producing Tempered Glass begins with heating glass up to 650 degrees Celsius then suddenly cooling it down.After passing the tempering Tempered Glass is 3 to 5 times more strength than Annealed Glass


-When broken, it disintegrates into small harmless cubical fragments.
-High safety.
-3 to 5 times more strength than Annealed Glass.
-Withstand sudden change in temperature up to 150°C.
-Have a chance of spontaneous breakage if the raw materials were contaminated with Nickel Sulfide.


Exterior: Balustrades, Handrails, Glass Clerestory, General constructions and buildings, Glass Floor, Glass Roof
Interior: Partitions for living room, meeting room or bathroom, Glass Furniture, such as kitchen cabinet, table tops, etc., Glassdoor, Glass sliding closet, Ceiling, Display Window, Shelf, Install in the kitchen, Stove Area


Thickness: 3-19 mm.
Maximum size: 2,600 x 5,000 mm.
Minimum size: 100x100 mm.