Super High Strength Glass

Ideal Glass for Safety Purposes

Super High-Strength Glass (STG) uses a special film, which make it 100 times more flexible and 5 times stronger than laminated safety glass. It is correspondingly categorized as strong as other construction and building materials. Therefore, it can be used for staircases, floor and house’s roof with worry-free safety issues.


-Can be installed as frameless glass outside the building or in wet areas without air bubbles as it is durable to heat and dampness
-Compatible with all types of Silicone. Moreover, with butt–joined installation,there are no yellow stains or bubble problem after using it in a long term.
- Prevent robberies and invasion due to its high strength feature


Can be used in multiple tasks such as staircase, balustrade, skylights, building floor, swimming pool walls and aquariums. Besides, it can be molded in different shapes and sizes while maintaining its safety feature when broken


Thickness: 6-30 mm.
Maximum size: 2,100 x 3,600 mm.
Minimum size: 100 x 100 mm.