Safety Glass with High Impact Resistance

Laminated Glass is made of two glass sheets with PVB interlayers in the middle. It is durable and high protective as PVB film will hold glass fragments when broken. Thus, it can prevent injuries and damage more than normal glass.


-High safety as PVB interlayer will hold glass pieces when shattered
-Blended designing with lots of glass or materials, such as Color Glass, and Swiss Print Glass, etc.
-Create privacy by noise reduction.
-UV protection as the interlayer filters UV radiation which can cause damage to color of furniture and curtain.


External: Balustrades, Handrails, Glass Floor, Stairs, General constructions and buildings, Glass Clerestory
Interior: Partitions, Glass Furniture, such as kitchen cabinet, table tops, etc., Glassdoor, Glass sliding closet, Ceiling, Display Window, Shelf


Thickness: 6-24 mm.
Maximum size: 2,400 x 4,900 mm.
Minimum size: 100x100 mm.