Smart Glass

Privacy Smart Glass

Smart Glass brings the future closer by embedding the technology into our traditional surroundings walls,windows, doors and storefronts. Furthermore the Smart Glass could complete the end-to-end solution with high-end liquid crystal interlayer within the smart area management concept. This technology enables you to handle with the glasses like you never trust before by allowing many smart glass applications such as: visible light dimming of transparency, solar control and much more.


-Best Transparency & Performance : In the Industry Unique waveform allowing maximum transparency on full operation with minimum haze.
-Unique Dimming Function : Choose the amount of light with a smooth,gradual transparency selection of hundreds of stages.
-Small Footprint Small in size and low on weight, the smart controller can be easily installed and connected.
-Large Drive Capacity : The LC controllerdrives up to 10 Sq.m. of PDLC
-Ultra-Low Power Consumption Best power consumption in the industry, saving consumption by up to 50% and safe to use


- Smart Partition Wall : Allocate the tiny space by the smart area management conceptual design, make the room looks wider and more comfortable.
- Smart Meeting Rooms : Transparent glass that can be projected on,or turned into a white board.
- Storefronts : Rear projection on a shop window that turns transparent to increase walk-in.


Thickness: 6-24 mm.
Maximum size: 1,700 x 3,000 mm.
Input Voltage: 110 to 240 VAC, 25 to 60 Hz
Electricity consumption : 4 Watt /m2 · Hr
Operating Temperature : -10 to 60 °C